Classical Armenia


(07 Nights – Premium Package, Full Board)

Departure from Beirut at 22:45 via Armenia Air Company flight (direct flight, 2 hours duration). Arrival Yerevan at 01:35 (local time, on Tuesday or Saturday early morning hours).

Upon Arrival Yerevan, Meet and Greet at Zvartnots International Airport, transfer to Hotel for check-in.

Breakfast served at Hotel and depart at 10:00.

We embark our Tour with capital Yerevan by visiting the remarkable Madenataran Library and Research Institute of Armenia, which preserves close to 17,000 unique manuscripts – one of the richest depositories for manuscripts in the world. Next, we visit Tsitsernagapert the Armenian Genocide Complex and Museum.

Also visit Megeryan Carpet Factory, where we have the chance to see unique Armenian carpet/rug making.

Lunch will be served in Yerevan.

We continue by visiting Victory Park with its fascinating view of Yerevan city, statue of Mayr Hayastan (Mother Armenia), which symbolizes peace through strength, Gerard Cafesdjian Cascade Art Complex which is Armenia’s largest depository of modern arts.

Breakfast served at Hotel.

We start by visiting Lake Sevan “the emerald of Armenia” set at 1900m above sea level, situated high in the mountains and famed for its glorious and everchanging hues. We will stop by the lakeside churches on the top of peninsula and have a chance to admire a spectacularly picturesque view overlooking the lake and distant mountains.

There is a story which tells that a famous archimandrite had a vision, in which the 12 apostles gave their blessing to this land and instructed the building of churches on this island. Indeed, the vision became true. The churches were built and one of them was after the apostles – Church of the Holy Apostles.

Then we continue to Dilijan “a piece of Switzerland in Armenia”. Earth and sky, woods and fields, rivers and mountains are excellent schoolmasters, teaching us more than we can ever learn otherwise…

The Old Town Dilijan complete with craftsmen workshops, small shops with traditional Armenian products and crafts, museum, showing typical 19th century living with all its local customs and handmade wood furnishings.

Lunch will be served in Dilijan, at Carahunj restaurant.

We continue our tour by visiting the beautiful 12th century Goshavank Monastery located at village Gosh. We also visit the renovated 13th century magnificent Haghardzin Monastery.

Breakfast served at Hotel.

Today our tour best contrasts the difference between paganism era (pre-Christianity) and the convention of Armenia to Christianity. We first visit 12th century Geghard Monastery architectural complex (UNESCO heritage list), carved out of one monolithic rock.

Due to its extraordinary acoustics, when local singer begins to sing in the chamber it is hard to believe that a large choir is not singing. A visit to Geghard Monastery is truly a spiritual and unique experience…

Next, we visit 2000 years old Garni Temple, the location of only pre-Christian pagan temple still maintained in Armenia.

We will take part in the traditional Armenian lavash bread baking process and have Lunch at Sergey’s Place restaurant (grilled fish). Returning Yerevan, we visit Vernisagge open market for souvenirs at handcrafts.

At evening, we visit Ararat Brandy Factory where we have guided tour and taste 2 types of its worldwide famous cognac.

Breakfast served and check-out from Hotel in Yerevan (main luggage can be kept at Hotel store room).

We start our day by driving through the fertile plains of Ararat valley reaching to Khor Virap Monastery – the beginning of Christianity history in Armenia, which is magnificently set against the towering slopes of the Biblical Mountain Ararat.

You will have some quite spectacular photo shooting opportunities before a landscape of unparalleled beauty and majesty.

The Monastery is the site where St. Gregory the Illuminator was incarcerated, and it is a pilgrimage destination for every believer. It is especially a time for reflection upon the work of our Church’s patron Saint Gregory the Illuminator, who spread the light of Christianity in Armenia and inspired King Trdat to proclaim Christianity as a state religion in 301AD, becoming the 1st Christian country in the world. This had a determinate impact on the Armenian people and their history.

Next, we visit Hin Areni Winery where we also have the chance to taste local wine and vodka.

We continue by driving through the narrow gorge revealing the wonder of Noravank Monastery, nestled inside deep red landscape of tuf stoned mountains, known for its tall and sheer red-brick cliffs.

The 13th century Monastery is best known for its two-stored Sourp Asdvadzadzin church (Holy Mother of God), which grants access into the second floor by a narrow stone made staircase. Lunch will be served at Victoria restaurant in Vayk region.

After lunch, we drive towards Goris village, where have Dinner and overnight at Hotel.

We start our Tour by visiting the majestic Tatev Monastery, which is located on large basalt plateau.

Tatev is known as the Bishopric seat of Syunik area and played a significant role in the history of region as a center of economic, political and spiritual and cultural activity. We will also take the cabile-car tour at Tatev, which was included in the Guinness Book of Records as world’s longest non-stop double track cable-car (5.7 KM long).

Later on, we visit the health-spa village of Jermuk and the waterfalls, known with its famous healing mineral waters. After Lunch is served at Jermuk village, we drive back to arrive Yerevan at night and check-in at Hotel.

Breakfast served at Hotel.

Recommended to visit Yerevan Zoo (3$ / taxi) or Vernissage open market for souvenirs (walking distance). At night we enjoy Farewell Dinner with live music and folkloric dance.

Breakfast served and check-out Hotel in Yerevan.

We start our last day in Armenia by driving towards the land of ancient treasures of Christian history – the Mother See of Holy Echmiadzin Cathedral, also known as the “Religious Capital” and the seat of Supreme Patriarch-Catholicos of all Armenians. The story holds that the place where Noah made fire after the flood is the site upon which the main Cathedral, one of the earliest Christian churches, was built. It is located at the lower chamber, underneath the main Altar of the Cathedral.

Afterwards, we admire the 7th century churches of St. Hripsime and St. Gayane.

Lunch will be served at Armenian Cultural Center near Etchmiadzin, where we enjoy traditional Armenian food.

Finally, we also visit  the magnificent  ruins of 7th  century  Zvartnots  Cathedral  (UNESCO Heritage list),  which  shows uniqueness of Armenian architecture and where once stood an impressive three-tiered circular structure with a spectacular central dome. Transfer to Zvartnots Int. Airport at 17:00, Departure Yerevan at 20:30 via Armenia Air Company flight, Arrival Beirut at 21:45.

Occupancy Room
Occupancy Room
Occupancy Room
(on extra bed)
Superior “DoubleTree by Hilton”1650 $ / adult1420 $ / adult1370$ / adult500 $ / child
4* “Holiday Inn”1650 $ / adult1420 $ / adult1370$ / adult500 $ / child
4* “Best Western Congress”1650 $ / adult1420 $ / adult1370$ / adult500 $ / child
4* “Ani Plaza” (Ani King Rooms)1620 $ / adult1400 $ / adult1350 $ / adult485 $ / child
3* “Silachi”1500 $ / adult1330 $ / adult1300 $ / adult900 $ / child
4* “Mirhav” or "Goris" Hotel in Goris village

This Package Price includes:

  • 6 overnight stay at Hotel in Yerevan, with Breakfast
  • 1 overnight stay at 4* Mirhav or 4* Goris Hotel in Goris village, with Breakfast
  • 6 Lunch meals, 1 Dinner meal in Goris, 1 Farewell Dinner with live music & folkloric dance, with 1 soft drink per
  • Daily Excursion Tours as specified in the itinerary program, via comfortable bus and with passenger insurance
  • 1 bottle of water per person during excursion
  • Entrance fee to all visiting sites/museum.
  • Entrance fee to Ararat Brandy Factory, with 2 types of brandy tasting (10$/person).
  • Wine/Vodka tasting at Hin Areni
  • Participation in Armenian Lavash bread baking process near Garni
  • Armenian/English speaking certified professional Tour Guide
  • Transfers from/to Zvartnots Int. Airport in
  • Ticket on Armenia Air company

This Package Price does not include:

  • Alcohol drinks during
  • Visa Fee (for Lebanese passport holders, entry-visa to Armenia issued upon arrival at Yerevan Airport, 7$ / person).
  • Tatev Monastery cable-car tour ticket fee (10$/person, to be paid at location).




We hope this offer will meet your expectations.

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